High Protein- vegan - super food- tempeh

5 quality of outstanding tempeh

After having spent thousands of hours reading about, making, and perfecting tempeh, its time to share some insights.

What makes an outstanding Tempeh:

There is nothing like a cake of fresh tempeh. Most tempeh in Indonesia is sold fresh and consumed within 48 hours after it is removed from the incubator. Fresh tempeh is a class apart. Tempeh is not meant to be stored for long periods and put through a complex distribution chain. One reason why it isn’t sold like Maggi. Fresh tempeh is a LIVE food.

Quality tempeh that has not been tinkered with, is white in colour. Fresh tempeh appears as a fluffy white cake. When tempeh continues to mature, it turns slightly off-white. Any other colour? You might want to check the ingredient list.

A fresh cake of tempeh has a clean, pleasant smell - somewhat bread dough-like or biscuity. It takes a little while to appreciate the smell of tempeh though. Tough love 😊
Any other prominent smell, you might want to check the ingredient list.

The texture is the biggest indicator of quality. Be sure the mould has grown completely without any cracks or areas among the beans where the mould has not grown. Obviously, you can’t judge texture in pre-sliced cubes as the poorly grown bits are already removed. Therefore a clean intact cake is a testimony to quality in itself

A fresh cake of tempeh has a beautiful cohesive structure. Sadly, it wouldn’t last beyond 72 hours under ambient temperature. This makes Tempeh one of the most difficult superfoods to distribute. Manufacturers use refrigeration, deep-freezing, frying, stabilizers, blanching, steaming, pickling, and parboiling to increase shelf life. Each has its pro & cons. Some are downright atrocious as far as nutrient retention is concerned.Β  Long story short, shorter shelf life is desirable.



Having said that a fresh tempeh is a delight to eat , we need to store tempeh sometimes for future usage.

Refrigeration or freezing are the best ways to store tempeh without compromising on nutrition.

A refrigerated tempeh can store good for 7-10 days. For longer shelf life you can freeze the tempeh for about 3-4 months.


Did you know a pack of HoP Tempeh has:

πŸ’ͺ50gm of protein (100% RDA for an average female)
🌱A whole lot of Iron (35% RDA for an average female)
🌱All 9 essential amino acids.
🌱Good source of good fat.
🌱Two lots of fermentation – for all those gut-friendly probiotics.

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