Plant Based Complete Protein

Plant Based Complete Protein

We get to read a lot on Internet about complete protein. 

complete protein or whole protein is a food source which contains all 9 amino acids our body cant produce on its own.

All the 9 amino acids are listed below:-
1. Valine⁠
2. Lysine⁠
3. Leucine⁠
4. Isoleucine⁠
5. Tryptophan⁠
6. Threonine⁠
7. Methionine⁠
8. Phenyalinine⁠
9. Histidine⁠

What are we missing here?

Our tofu has all 9 essential amino acids the body can’t produce. This makes it a complete protein.

The best part, it takes just 5 minutes with our tofu to whip up a nutritious dish. A dish that you will actually enjoy eating. Some customers gobble it right out of packet. It’s that good.

When done right, a plant-based diet can nourish you well, but it's important that you pay attention to complete proteins. Are you?

Have you tried our tofu yet?

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