Health on Plants - One ingredient Soy milk

Our mylk is made up of just 1 ingredient - you guessed it - organic soybeans!

Nothing added, nothing taken (except water)

And it still remains the most nutrient-dense plant based milk you'll find in the country. No exaggeration!

Non-dairy milk is an interesting segment.

πŸ₯› There simply isn't enough critical mass to let unit economics work.

πŸ₯› Doling out discounts for market share dents your bottomline.

πŸ₯› Distribution and logistical costs leave you with wafer thin margins.

When we began selling mylk, our primary goal was quality and long term sustainability. We didn't price it cheap but made sure it is best of the best. To date, it remains the most nutrient-dense, clean-labeled mylk money can buy.

πŸ₯› We don't even pretend that we have the ability to challenge dairy. All we care about is those hundred odd customers who buy our mylk regularly and swear by it.

To them we say - THANK YOU!
Our mylk will always be free of chemicals, oils, stabilizers, emulsifers and other nasty stuff. That's our promise!

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