The future is plant based

Enabling the shift, one product at a time

Not all tofu is created equal.

Once you have HoP tofu, you can’t go back to store-bought stuff. Here's why:

Ingredients – We source top-quality Non-GMO certified organic beans directly from the farmers.

Process - Handcrafted in small batches, our tofu has a superior texture & taste to mass-produced varieties. Change in temperature, stir it a little too long or put incorrectly soaked beans, it just won’t be the same. Machines lack that nuance.

Distribution - Our zero inventory model ensures we make it fresh and deliver to you ridiculously fast. Our products are not designed to languish on a store front for months. That's simply not our idea of 'food'.

No 3rd party - Be it storing raw materials, production, packing or delivery - we control all the levers ensuring consistent quality with zero supply chain issues. The buck stops with us.

Because Indians love flavours

Imagine biting into a tofu that taste anything but tofu. Our unique flavours were developed keeping the Indian palate in mind. The cilantro is inspired by the aromas of freshly plucked coriander. The taste is so familiar and an absolute treat for the senses. The carrot ginger carries the pungency of the ginger. Our smoked Tofu has literally set the market on fire. It is a bestseller. Some say it their chose substitute. We don't disagree. The chilli-peanut is so creamy that people often mistake it for some kind of cheese. Well almost!

These aromatic tofus are made through a painstaking process and obviously made in small batches. There is something for everyone.

God is in the nuances

Tofu-making is 95 % science, but the 5% which is art is more nuanced. What’s the right temperature of the milk before it curdles? What will make the liquid coagulate exactly how you want it turn out with the perfect texture and flavour? At what rate, it must be stirred? What sets incredible tofu apart from the mediocre? That 5%.

Store bought tofu is curdled with synthetic acids that that work 10x faster but at the cost of taste. They use thinner, diluted milk (hence, less protein) which can go for a few months or longer. What you gain in shelf life, you lose in flavour and texture. In India, artisanal, handcrafted tofu never really existed.

So we began.

Market-leading nutrition

We believe plant based is the future and each positive step we take today, however small, can have a humongous impact on our health and to that of non-human animals. Everything we create is therefore vegan, certified organic, non-GMO, free of artificial flavours, preservatives and lab-based ingredients.

Our products are market leaders in nutrition.

Tofu - 28gm protein per pack, Tempeh - 50gm protein per pack; Patty - 28gm protein per pack, Mylk - 12gm protein per bottle, Dairyfree curd - 35gm protein per box, Cheeze - 19gm protein

All our products are low calorie, low fat, zero cholesterol. No nasties. No fine-prints. None at all.