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Peanut Tofu.

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Peanut Tofu 


Made with the intention to bring on a cheesy punch to the world of tofu. 


Enjoy our signature tofu, now with crunchiness of roasted peanuts, topped with oregano, a hint of garlic, with a dash of chillies.

Crunchy, cheesy, yummy. It's a total package.


Net Quantity: 

200 grams



Organic Soybeans, RO Water, Organic Peanuts, Chilly Flakes, Oregano, Nutritional Yeast Flakes, Table Salt.


Shelf Life

45 Days from the Manufacturing Date.


Storage Instructions

Keep Refrigerated , Do not Freeze. 

Once opened , keep submerged in water (in fridge) and change water daily. 

Use within 3 days after Opening



Slightly Crumbly and totally melt in mouth. Very moist.



Cheesy , Nutty and Flavourful 


Recipe Ideas: 

Basic Recipes:In sandwiches , Stuffed Paranthas, Salads, scrambled.

Creative Recipes: Laccha Paneer, cheese nuggets.


This tofu is also very kid friendly due to its cheesy flavour.