5 Tips to make your tofu taste awesome



If your tofu dish didn't turn out well, it might just be because you've been cooking it wrong. Here are 5 simple tips on how to treat tofu right: 

1) Drain out all water. Tofu is like a sponge, It'll absorb more flavours when dry. .
2) Cut it into small cubes or slice in thin strips. Smaller surface area cooks uniformly making it more flavourful. .
3) Cook it long enough. It could take upto 5 minutes per side under gentle heat. Don't be afraid to turn up the heat once in a while. .
4) Marinating your tofu in a sauce or herbs of your choice can take it to the next level. Even soaking in soy sauce for 30 minutes is desirable for some dishes. .
5) Using nonstick pans or naturally non-stick cast iron utensils with a few drops of oil allows for that crispy coating that many have come to love about tofu.

Bonus Tip: Want restaurant style Tofu?.

Consider freezing tofu before marinating. Freezing leaves tofu with a chewier texture and really ups its ability to absorb marinades. .
Happy cooking!

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