Frozen Tofu

How to store Tofu

Yesterday, we received a frantic call from a worried customer. She wanted to know why her tofu had turned yellow. When asked if it was frozen, she replied, "yes sir".

The label in our tofu suggests that you must not freeze and we say it for a good reason. The truth is tofu can be put into freezer for some specific purposes. Frozen tofu isn’t a pleasing sight but it remains 100% edible. Some chefs actually prefer freezing. Freezing and thawing are some of the easiest ways to achieve a 'chewier' and ‘meatier’ texture. Well-frozen tofu develops a honeycomb-like texture upon thawing which is known to soak marinades better. It goes extremely well with certain dishes.

Ever wondered why restaurant tofu dishes are crispy, crunchy on the exterior while tender on the inside? Now you know 😊

We still recommend you consume our tofu fresh unless you want to freeze it on purpose.

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