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Peanut Curd

Peanut Curd

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Peanut Curd

Our Peanut curd is so thick that you might as well dig a spoon and scoop out a big dollop without breaking its structural integrity. With some R&D, we've been able to eliminate the beany aftertaste many associate with dairy-free curds . It acts and functions just like the 'other' curd. Only better.
Our peanut curd has 10 gm protein per 100gm serving which makes it a good post workout option. You could add it in your smoothies, oats, curd rice, lassi, kadi and what not! It's high protein, zero cholesterol and guilt free. Good for you, go for the animals and good for the planet.


Net Quantity: 

350 grams.


 Peanuts, RO Water

Shelf Life

15 Days from the Manufacturing Date.

Storage Instructions

Keep Refrigerated , Do not Freeze. 

use within 2 days after Opening


Thick and curd like


Neutral with slight taste of peanut.

Peanut curd is an acquired taste. Give yourself a few tries of our rich peanut curd before it becomes your favourite.

Use seasonings or spices initially for it to mimic the dairy curd

Usage Instuctions

 Basic: Use it like a curd in your raita, lassi, butter mylk, gravies and curd rice,

Creative: Yogurt based cheeze, with Oats, in your smoothies.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Rishi Tiwari
Not as nice as other vegan options

It was first time I tried out peanut curd and I must admit, I had higher expectations on back of some of the other vegan products I have had (in India and abroad, both). Maybe this is how it is meant to be but I will admit, I did not enjoy the product as much.


Thank you for trying our peanut curd and for sharing your feedback. We understand that peanut curd has a unique taste that can be an acquired one for first-time consumers. You might find it a bit unusual at first, but our customers say it often grows on you with time.

To suit one's taste preferences, it can be dilute with water to achieve the desired consistency. It's true that our peanut curd may seem less flavourful compared to some of the fruit-flavored yogurts available outside India. Almost all of those products add sugar and flavors like coconut, vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry, which enhance their taste.

Our goal is to offer a clean product with minimal ingredients, focusing on simplicity and health.

We appreciate your purchase and the time you took to share your review. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to improve our products.

Best regards,
HoP Care


Why is vegan so over priced ?

I understand that you shared feedback without making a purchase. However, for educational purposes, let's shed light on the matter:

The cost of these organic peanuts stands at Rs 180/kg due to considerations like small-scale operations, transportation costs, and higher taxes and GST. Conversely, dairy curds enjoy government subsidies, resulting in lower production expenses, although they contain chemicals/hormones to enhance cattle yield. Taking all these factors into account, we can acknowledge the relatively equitable economics in play.


Is this diabetic friendly

One of the best vegan curd I tried

I moved to vegan recently about an year .. I tried couple of other vegan curds aswell. but this peanut curd is better in both taste and thick consistency. Really liked it. but we may need to order atleast 3 days prior ( this is understandable as they may freshly prepare it) . for non vegans if they are ok with the slight flavour of peanut oil fried dahi vada dipped normal curd taste then they can try this.

Peanut curd

Soo gooood!!