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Himalayan Black Tofu (Bangalore)

Himalayan Black Tofu (Bangalore)

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Himalayan Black Tofu


 At 32gm protein per block, it's the most protein-rich tofu in India. All natural!

The search for indigenous black beans took us to a remote Himalayan village towards the Tibetan border. We zeroed in on an little known crop that had been a staple of the region for about 4000 years. These black beans are non-GMO, hand-sorted, and free from chemicals.

We optimized our processes to ensure no protein is lost in the manufacturing process. We were able to retain significant fiber as well. The resultant product is a unique all-natural, nutrient-dense tofu. While the beans are black, the tofu looks purplish in colour.. 

The flavour profile of this tofu makes it so versatile that you can add it to a salad or just have it as is without any further cooking. You can also slice it and add to your sandwiches or soups.

Net Quantity: 200 grams

Ingredients: Organic Black Soybeans, RO Water, Coriander Leaves, Black Salt, pepper

Shelf Life: 45 Days from the Manufacturing Date.

 Storage Instructions :Keep Refrigerated , Do not Freeze. Once opened , keep submerged in water (in fridge) and change water daily. Use within 3 days after Opening

 Texture :Slightly crumbly and totally melt in the mouth. Very moist.

 Taste :Unique taste of black beans. Very Flavourful, we do not add salt to this so you may consider adding a dash of salt with your recipes.

 Recipe Ideas: Basic Recipes: In sandwiches , Stuffed Paranthas, Salads. 

Creative Recipes: Mock Meatballs, Air fried tofu chips, Tofu nuggets

Nutritional info (per 100gm): Protein:19.32g, Carbs 6.21g, Fats 7.54g , Calories 169.98



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Customer Reviews

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Himalayan Black Tofu

Alice K

Himalayan Black Tofu

Ashwin Chandra
Great product, poor delivery

Love the tofu, not a big fan of how inconsistent the delivery is.

Dhruva Talwalkar
Delicious and a MUST TRY

This is just unbelievably delicious... adds flavour to anything - salad, egg plant parm, or just crumbled with a bit of olive oil and red chillies...