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Meet tofu’s cool cousin, tempeh. Indonesia’s fermented superfood, now made in India.

Tempeh is a good source of plant protein; it is easily digested due to the fermentation process. It can be sliced or cubed and added to curries, sandwiches, salads, noodles, pasta, stir-fry’s - you name it.

Tempeh is the perfect option for anyone looking for a chewy and flavourful meat substitute. Our tempeh has 50 grams of protein per block. Tempeh making is a delicate process. Hence we make small batches with a lot of care and with organic ingredients.

 Net Quantity: 175 grams

Ingredients: Organic Soybeans, RO Water, Culture.

 Shelf Life:7 Days from the Manufacturing Date if refrigerated. 30 days from Manufacturing Date if Frozen

 Storage Instructions: For enhanced shelf life its recommended to freeze. 

Once opened use immediately

Texture: Firm like a cake. This looks like soy beans bound together in white mycelium

Taste: A Tempeh is mushroomy , nutty and earthy in taste. It is slightly chewy.

Tempeh is an acquired taste. This means you need to try it for a few times to get accustomed to the taste and mouthfeel of tempeh.

Cooking Instructions: If you are tasting/cooking tempeh for first time we recommend you use our ready to eat air fried tempeh with cashew peanut/cashew tomato gravy.

A tempeh needs to be steamed, fried or baked first. Traditionally in Indonesia it is deep fried before eating. 

Do not eat raw tempeh. 

 Recipes: Basic : you can bake, airfry , deep fry or steam the tempeh and use it any salads, gravy of your choice. Following gravies enhance the taste of tempeh: 

Coconut mylk based gravy, peanut cashew gravy, tomato cashew gravy, thai green gravy.

Creative recipes: Scrambled tempeh in sandwiches, tempeh meatballs.

Nutritional info (per 100gm): Protein: 29g, Carbs 14g, Fats 7g , Calories 230

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Customer Reviews

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Indira Bharadwaj

Great product

Awesome Tempeh Recipe

Tasty yummy:
A Vegan Fish Recipe.
Ingredients :
Ginger Garlic
Curry leaves
Then add the tempeh
Add jeera powder
Kashmiri Chilli powder
Coriander leaves
Cook on low flame for 15 minutes
If you are a seafood lover and now have become a vegan, this is an alternative dish to a tasty tuna fish gravy but made of tempeh .(PURE Vegan recipe*l )

Anupama Hebbar

I love the Tempeh from HoP. Best in the market in my opinion. Great source of gut friendly vegan protein

Shikha Rawal

Loved the taste and the crunchiness on top.... extremely good....relieved me of worrying about veg protein source..

One of the best in the market

The taste is fresh, ingredients are minimal, no fillers and absolutely amazing! A staple in my vegan diet;)