• How to store Tofu - Should we store frozen or chilled

    by Vijay P Frozen Tofu
    Tofu Storage - Should we store frozen or chilled ? Yesterday, we received a frantic call from a worried customer. She wanted to know why her tof...
  • Plant Based Complete Protein

    by Sweta K Plant Based Complete Protein
    We get to read a lot on Internet about complete protein.  A complete protein or whole protein is a food source which contains all 9 amino acids ...
  • Easy Salad Recipe

    by Sweta K Vegan salad- High Protein
    The ubiquitous Indian green salad is primarily vegetables with 90% water content. It’s no surprize you feel hungry immediately after. Adding just 100 gms of HoP tofu will keep hunger at bay.

    You may want to avoid dressings with sugar and preservatives. Our tofu feta cheeze and BBQ spread make great salad accompaniments. All our products are 100% clean label.
  • Health on Plants - One ingredient Soy milk

    by Sweta K
    Our mylk is made up of just 1 ingredient - you guessed it - organic soybeans!Nothing added, nothing taken (except water)And it still remains the m...
  • 5 quality of outstanding tempeh

    by Sweta K High Protein- vegan - super food- tempeh
    A brief about the Indonesian Super Food Tempeh- How to recognise right tempeh- Nutritional profile of Tempeh- Shelf Life of Tempeh- how to store tempeh.
  • Enhance your protein with Tempeh

    by Sweta K Vegan Super Food- Tempeh
    Protein with Tempeh The amount of protein you need each day depends on your age, weight, gender, and activity level. For an average female, 50gm i...
  • 5 Tips to make your tofu taste awesome

    by Vijay P
        If your tofu dish didn't turn out well, it might just be because you've been cooking it wrong. Here are 5 simple tips on how to treat tofu ri...
  • Tempeh & B12- Myth Vs Facts

    by Vijay P Tempeh & B12- Myth Vs Facts
    Tempeh is sometimes reported to contain vitamin B12. This is of great interest to vegetarians and vegans for obvious reasons and it makes for a sol...
  • Cross Contamination

    by Vijay P Cross Contamination
    We get a couple of queries on allergies and cross-contamination every month. People with allergies put themselves at serious risk by consuming ...