Cilantro Tofu Parantha


Cilantro Tofu Parantha



Cilantro tofu 200 grams

400 grams whole wheat flour

2 onions

50 grams fresh coriander

Water for the dough

2 spoon oil for cooking

Salt and Garam masala to taste



Make a dough (preferably softer dough). let is rest for 15 mins. for the stuffing - mash the tofu , add salt , cilantro and garam masala to taste. add the stuffing to the dough balls and make the parantha. you can totally avoid oil and just grease the pan a bit and wipe off before cooking every parantha.



For increased shelf life

Half cook the extra paranthas.Freeze the parantha in a zip lock bag , put butter paper in between the paranthas, whenever required just thaw and heat them up again.