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Barbecue Cheeze Spread (Rest of India)

Barbecue Cheeze Spread (Rest of India)

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Net Quantity: 

150 grams


Organic Soybeans, RO Water, Cashews, Oats, Nutritional Yeast , soy sauce, vinegar. Smoked for the intense barbecue flavour, table salt, garlic

Shelf Life

15 Days from the Manufacturing Date.

Storage Instructions

Keep Refrigerated , Do not Freeze. 

use within 2 days after Opening


creamy and spread like.


Very Cheesy and Smoky.

No Beany Taste or Smell. 

Usage Instuctions

As a spread: In toast and chapati.

As a topping: use it in sandwiches, wraps, burgers, pizza (the upper crust solidifies once you bake it , the inner portions melt like cheeze.

As a dressing : Any salad wherein you are looking for a barbecue and smoky flavour.

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