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Carrot Ginger Tofu (Bangalore)

Carrot Ginger Tofu (Bangalore)

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Carrot Ginger Tofu


This flavour was created specially for the Indian palette, inspired by the aromas of freshly plucked coriander, ginger and carrots. The fermentation of carrot & ginger along with tofu gives a tangy & sharp taste to this.

The taste is familiar and an absolute treat for the senses. Carrot ginger tofu is made through a painstaking process and it's obviously made in small batches.

Carrot ginger tofu goes well in salads and stuffed paranthas. Some prefer it raw :) 

Shelf Life : 30 days from the date of manufacture


Net Quantity: 

200 grams



Organic Soybeans, RO Water, Carrot, Ginger, Coriander Leaves Black Salt, pepper, 


Shelf Life

45 Days from the Manufacturing Date.


Storage Instructions

Keep Refrigerated , Do not Freeze. 

Once opened , keep submerged in water (in fridge) and change water daily. 

Use within 3 days after Opening



Slightly Crumbly and totally melt in mouth. Very Moist.



Cheesy and Flavourful , grated carrot ginger on your tofu bites. 


Recipe Ideas: 

Basic Recipes:In sandwiches , Stuffed Paranthas, Salads. 

Creative Recipes: Tofu Patties, Air fried tofu chips, Tofu nuggets.



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Customer Reviews

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Sudipto Nayak

Nice variant, loved the taste