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Tofu Kofta with Curry Paste (Bangalore)

Tofu Kofta with Curry Paste (Bangalore)

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Tofu Kofta with curry paste

Net Quantity: 

Tofu Kofta : 200 grams ( 4 pieces of 50 grams each)

Curry Paste: 200 grams


Tofu Kofta: Organic Soybeans, RO Water, salt, coriander leaves, cumin powder, black pepper , corn flour

Cashew Peanut Curry Paste: Cashews, Roasted Peanuts, Indian spices , Onion, garlic, ginger

Cashew Tomato Curry Paste: Cashews, Tomato, ginger, Onion , garlic, Indian spices.


Shelf Life
Tofu kofta: 6 months from manufacturing date

Curry Paste: 9 months from manufacturing date


Storage Instructions
Keep in a cool dry place, once opened pls use immediately.



Tofu Kofta: Firm Outer Layer, the inner layer is totally melt in mouth.Curry Paste: Creamy and thick. you need to dilute with water while cooking if required.


Tofu Kofta: It is flavourful by taste but does not have overpowering flavour, it will take the flavour of the gravy you introduce.

Curry Paste: It is creamy and will enhance the flavour of the spices you choose to put in it.We have worked on a neutral taste for Curry paste so you would need to add some extra spices of your choice and salt.


Cooking Instructions: 

Saute the vegetables of your choice in very little oil in high heat for 2 mins  . we recommend onions , bell pepper, mushrooms, baby corn.

saute almond, raisin , cardamom and cashews with bay leaf and star anise in high heat for 30 seconds in another pan.

Add the curry paste and spices . For better flavour enrichment we recommend you add a pinch of sugar.simmer for 3-4 mins. add water for gravy like consistency. Water will also help in absorption of flavours into the kofta

Make slight piercings in tofu kofta with a fork or a toothpick before adding to the gravy

Simmer for another 2 mins. 

Garnish with coriander leaves.


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