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Soy Drink (Unsweetened). (Rest of India)

Soy Drink (Unsweetened). (Rest of India)

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Our handcrafted organic soymilk is made with a single ingredient - organic soybeans soaked in RO water. That's all!

Carefully crafted in small batches, our artisanal process ensures that every bottle is loaded with protein and bursting with flavour. Our clean label ensures that you know exactly what you are consuming - no oils, salts, gums, sugars, emulsifiers, preservatives, additives, or artificial flavours. None of that stuff!

With its creamy and smooth texture, it blends perfectly with your favorite beverage. The protein-rich content of our Soy drink ensures that it doesn't curdle, making it an excellent choice for tea or coffee.

The best part, it is shelf-stable which means no refrigeration is required. Like all our products, it is made in-house in our 100% vegan facility.

Shipping PAN- India!
No refrigeration required.

Net Quantity: 

200 ml


Organic Soybeans, RO Water.

Shelf Life

6 Months from the Manufacturing Date.

Storage Instructions

Keep in a cool dark place. No need for refrigeration until opened. Once you open it pls refrigerate and use within 2 days of Opening.


Milk like texture.


Neutral, Slightly nutty

Basic Recipes: Tea, Coffee, Smoothies, Oatmeal etc

Creative Recipes:

Use as a dairy replacement in Cakes and breads.

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