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Tempeh - Black Soybeans

Tempeh - Black Soybeans

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Black Beans Tempeh

Black bean was literally and metaphorically a tough nut to crack. It took us months to get the consistency and texture right but Boy oh boy, is it delicious? This one sure is a personal favourite. We had been stuffing it in rolls, burgers, salads, and sides for soup at the office. It is a joy eating something healthy that tastes this good. The health benefits of black beans are endless. High in protein, fiber, and antioxidants while being extremely low in fat! Rich in folate, magnesium, iron, manganese, and thiamine. For a healthy heart, bones, and even eyes - black beans are a total package.


Black Soy Beans, RO Water, Culture.

Shelf Life

7 Days from the Manufacturing Date if refrigerated. 

60 days from Manufacturing Date if Frozen

Storage Instructions

For enhanced shelf life its recommended to freeze. 

Once opened use immediately


Firm like a cake. This looks like soy beans bound together in white mycelium


A Tempeh is mushroomy , nutty and earthy in taste. It is slightly chewy.

Tempeh is an acquired taste. This means you need to try it for a few times to get accustomed to the taste and mouthfeel of tempeh.

Cooking Instructions: 

If you are tasting/cooking tempeh for first time we recommend you use our ready to eat air fried tempeh with cashew peanut/cashew tomato gravy.

A tempeh needs to be steamed, fried or baked first. Traditionally in Indonesia it is deep fried before eating. 

Do not eat raw tempeh. 


Basic : you can bake, airfry , deep fry or steam the tempeh and use it any salads, gravy of your choice. Following gravies enhance the taste of tempeh: 

Coconut mylk based gravy, peanut cashew gravy, tomato cashew gravy, thai green gravy.


Creative recipes: Scrambled tempeh in sandwiches, tempeh meatballs.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Namita Satheesh
Amazing taste and texture, so versatile

Have been purchasing tofu and tempeh from HOP for over 2 years. Love all their products. Excellent taste and nutritional value. The black bean tempeh is very unique and is amazing in stir fries

Aditi Prasad
This is my favourite tempeh!

I found the smell and texture more appetizing than regular tempeh. It also tasted better in a variety of things like curries and pasta sauce.